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How to Become More Comfortable with Change

How to Become More Comfortable with Change


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Coping with Change

No matter what job or industry you pursue, you’ll need to learn how to be adaptable and navigate these experiences gracefully to grow in your career. Mindset, above all else, will have a major impact on whether you succeed.

Unfortunately, too many of us have the mindset tha...

Signs you’re a “receiver”:

  • You wait for direction from others before moving forward.
  • You escalate decisions, assuming they’re “above my pay grade.”
  • You accept decisions (even when you don’t think they will work) to avoid questionin...

Signs you’re a “resistor”:

  • You bring up reasons that something cannot be done based on precedent or history.
  • You agree to a stated commitment, and then find reasons not to execute on it later.
  • You poke holes in plans as a means of ...

Signs you’re a “controller”:

  • You seek information that supports your own views or reservations.
  • You prefer getting detailed instructions on what to do instead of inquiring about what has been tried already and generating a brand new plan. 

Almost everyone has a predominant relationship to change that will drive their thoughts and actions, but different situations also bring out different responses.

​​Change-ready people look at changes both big and small as opportunities for personal development, and “failed” experiment...

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