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How Freelancers can Manage their Workflow

How Freelancers can Manage their Workflow


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How Freelancers can Manage their Workflow

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Things To Be Considered By Freelancers

  • Finding New Work Every Now and Then: You need to make sure you are building good relations with potential clients, applying for jobs, answering emails, and constantly improving your work and marketing strategy.
  • Recurring Gigs: Having recurring gigs is crucial for freelancers to build a living
  • Irregular Projects: They are extra cash that you can use
  • Family Obligations: Family obligations can give you a hard time being the best in your work field as a freelancer.
  • Staying Productive: You cannot stay productive every minute, but it is important to stay productive for a reasonable amount of time


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As a freelancer, there are hundreds of things that can make you feel lost all the time. By just creating a schedule and being disciplined, you can fight most of your problems.

You might forget to focus on priority tasks and end up spending extra time on things that can wait.


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Keep in mind that efficiency is the key to better workflow management. To be efficient while working, you need organization.

You need an organized workspace that is free of any clutter. For starters, decluttering your workspace will make you feel comfortable, at ease, and relaxed. It will allow you to work better.

  • Identify necessary items. Anything else that is of no need should be placed somewhere else.
  • Do not eat on the desk- do not eat on your desk ever.
  • Create zones on the desk. Keep materials needed for research, meetings, etc separately.


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Start your clock as soon as you sit down for work. It is important to know how much time you are spending on every task. Track your time while doing anything work-related. For those who bill hourly, this step is unavoidable. In addition to this, it will help you in making future project estimations.

Usually, it takes a little more time to complete tasks than we expect. So, it is better to tell your clients a little more time than you think. In this manner, you will not miss your deadlines.


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If you lack communication skills, your freelance career might fall even before starting. Lack of proper communication with clients can lead to misunderstandings or poor understanding of projects which can cause conflicts.

  • Take help of tools: Popular tools like chatbots can be used by freelancers to answer basic questions. But do interact properly with your client later.
  • If you have any doubt in your mind, ask it right away from the client. 
  • Use different platforms- There are platforms like Zoom, Skype, etc that can be used to connect with your client in a better manner than over chat.


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To boost your efficiency and productivity daily, you need to get better at every task.

The easiest way to get better at tasks you perform is to develop intelligent processes. You need to work smart and not hard to stay ahead.


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Unnamed files and folders can hamper your work progress, slow down your speed and bring stress and frustration. It can even delay your project and set you back.

So, it is crucial to name your files and folders properly. It is a simple task but clearly an important one. Every time you begin a new project, create a separate folder to store all related files in it. For instance, graphic designers can create separate subfolders for logo design, business cards, etc.


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Bullet journals are basically notebook calendars that consist of our to-do lists, plans, and everything you wish to.

It helps you to keep track of the important tasks that need your important attention. Plus, everything remains in check in your freelance work life.


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In order to stand out amongst your competitors, you must know how to market yourself properly. Also, you need to build a system that increases your marketing efforts so that you get more and more leads.

  • Network in your field as much as you can. Connect with people online that do the same thing as you.
  • Build a social media presence and focus on attracting the target audience.
  • Build Portfolio: This step is crucial to attracting more freelancing clients. Your portfolio will speak volumes about you and your work, it must contain samples of your work.


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Focusing on huge tasks at once can be a little overwhelming and frustrating. It is better to break these huge tasks down into small steps before beginning your work.

It will provide you with much more clarity and relieve you from the stress too.


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You must be aware of your capability and how much work you can take at a given time. At the beginning of your freelance career, it might be tempting but you cannot say yes to every task you come across. You might not have the time to do everything together.

Some clients need more attention and effort than others. So, carefully plan and check your schedule before taking in a new project. If it feels overwhelming and not possible then it is better to say no.


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