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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Upskilling: Preparing For The Future

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Know Your Change Champions

Know Your Change Champions

Determine your "change champions" - That same IT manager may see the advantages of certification programs for things like cloud management, Azure, or AWS, and you can incentivize them by offering these to their staff for free.

your "best practice": spend time doing your research and building the persona of your change champions to ensure that your teams hit all of the pain points, incentives, keywords they use, and how they determine success


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Choose Your First Customers to Migrate Carefully

  • Target customers are likely to adopt XaaS quickly and start with a small-to-medium-sized customer.
  • Be Flexible and Stay Ahead of Customer Expectations
  • Respond to customer feedback swiftly and be open to adopting requests
  • Package Your Offering Based on Customer Need
  • Tailor your product/services so that your offering is not bloated with features the customer does not need or won’t use


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Provide an Infrastructure That Ensures Your Team's Long-term Success

Provide an Infrastructure That Ensures Your Team's Long-term Success

  • Create a comprehensive roadmap with clear goals, milestones, use cases, and plans for your internal team to become transformation champions
  • Focus on Long-Term Solutions Instead of Short-Term Tradeoffs
  • Utilize your change agents to train your teams on demonstrating the benefits of the transformation to your partners and customers
  • Redesign Your Teams for Success


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