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Here’s a way to prevent your app from getting a low download count

Here’s a way to prevent your app from getting a low download count

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Consider a design sprint

Consider a design sprint

There are thousands of apps in every store that have a very low download count. The creators generally lose a lot of time and money because ideas haven't been tested by a single user.

The solution is to validate your ideas before going all-in using a Design Sprint. Design Sprints assume the first release will not be correct and will need iteration.


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The Design Sprint

The Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a method that's based on the fundamentals of Design Thinking.

  • It focuses on the user,
  • reduces waste produced through the design cycle, and
  • improves UX through iterations.

A Design Sprint helps you build prototypes from a transversal perspective. It takes into account the emotional, usable, trustworthy, and functional traits.


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The Design Sprint steps

The Design Sprint steps

It is important to stick to a timetable using a series of steps and get a prototype that has been tested by 5 users by the end of the week.

  • Day 1. Map the problem.
  • Day 2. Sketch solutions.
  • Day 3. Decide what solution to prototype
  • Day 4. Prototype
  • Day 5. Test your prototype with real users.


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Using Design sprints can help reduce the risk of low download count.

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