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Getting Promoted Isn’t the Same as Being a Leader

Getting Promoted Isn’t the Same as Being a Leader


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A promotion doesn't make you a leader

A promotion is one form of recognition, but it does not inherently make you a leader. Neither does being a manager. Or coming in early, getting facetime with the C-suite, crushing your KPIs, or having “lead” in your title.

Many “leads” do not lead and many people ...

The career ladder plagues nearly every type of workplace, from structured corporate environments to the nebulous world of startups.

The truth is that success is not linear, and your career path is unlikely to be either.

When you take away the pressur...

To truly step into a leadership role, you have to be willing to speak your mind, push back, and ask tough questions. If the sound of that makes your palms sweat, fear not. You don’t need to be outspoken, loud, or “pushy” to share your ideas. You just need to be willing to get a l...

Focus outward

On a very basic level, being a leader is about your relation to other people within an organization. It’s impossible to lead while flying solo — your connection with your team defines you as a leader.

So, a surefire way to develop and demonstrate your leadership skills is ...

Good leaders don’t pretend to have all the answers, and they’re not afraid to address their weaknesses. Acknowledging and revealing your blind spots does not make you unfit or inept. It makes you human and accessible. Know when you need help, and ask for it. Own up to you...

Leadership exists in so many forms — and it doesn’t require a fancy title, a lofty pay raise, or even permission.

Don’t wait for someone to tell you when it’s time to be a leader. You have the tools you need to practice within your role right now.

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