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5 Principles of Purposeful Leadership

5 Principles of Purposeful Leadership



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Purposeful Leadership: The Five Principles

The traditional model of the leader-hero who saves the day knows it all, is the smartest person in the room, and is too often driven by power, fame, glory, or money is not appropriate in today’s environment.

People today expect a different kind of leader. Here are five attributes that chara...

The New Kind Of Leader

Today’s fast-changing, complex, and unpredictable environment necessitate a different kind of leadership. Nobody can claim to have all the answers to solve the complex crises we’re facing, and the most adaptable organizations are those in which decisions are being decentralized.

With the id...

Be Clear About Your Purpose

That is, your purpose, the purpose of those around you, and how that connects to your company’s purpose.

The staggering number of employees leaving their jobs or seriously thinking about it over the last several months has shed renewed light on the pre-Covid realization that purpos...

Be Clear About Your Role

You cannot choose circumstances, but you can control your mindset. Your mindset determines whether you generate hope, inspiration, and energy around you — or bring everyone down. So, choose well.

More generally, your role as a leader is to create the right environment for others to flourish...

Be Clear About Whom You Serve

A fundamental element of purposeful leadership is to be clear about who you serve in your position, both during good and challenging times.

As a leader, you must serve the people on the front lines, driving the business. You serve your colleagues. You serve your board of directors. You ser...

Be Self Aware And Vigil To Your Behaviour

It takes vigilance and a healthy dose of self-awareness to avoid sliding into the trap set by power, fame, glory, and money. Before speaking or acting, be clear about your motivation and whom you’re trying to serve.

The best leaders don’t climb their way to the top over the backs of others,...

Be Driven By Values

Doing what is right is not always simple, of course, particularly during crises, when overwhelming stress and pressure can obscure our sense of values. 

For the most part, we all agree on what is right: honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness, and compassion. On paper, every company has ...

Be Authentic

It may take some time to embrace the true meaning of being authentic for many of us.

“Be”: Be yourself, your true self, your whole self, the best version of yourself. Be vulnerable. Be authentic. Being vulnerable and authentic does not mean offloading everything to your colleagues. For lead...

The Surfacing Of Our Vulnerability

As many of us were forced to work from home over video over the past two years, we revealed more of our whole selves — children, dogs, cats, wifi problems, etc. This was not always comfortable or easy. But we all had to see each other in a new light, as full human beings. Employees expect leaders...

The Bottom Line

The way we lead has profound implications for people around us and how we do business. We cannot transform companies, and more generally capitalism unless we reflect on who we are as leaders, and particularly on the following questions:

  • Have you decided what kind of leader you want to ...

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