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Prototyping from A to Z: best practices for successful prototypes

Prototyping from A to Z: best practices for successful prototypes


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Prototypes can help you visualize and test your designs before they reach development, help you understand how users interact with your work and help you spot issues in the flow of your designs.

  • Usability testing: By running a usability test, you’ll be able to see how users will interact with your design once it’s live.
  • Involving stakeholders: Pass your prototype to your data protection team and they can test it for real.
  • Imp...

Gather all your notes. It could be notes from clients, collaborators, or even a random sticky note you once taped to your fridge. Gather as much intel as possible on plans and expectations for your prototype before starting.

Start sketching out the stages of your pr...

Fidelity refers to how close a prototype will be to the real deal. If you’re simply preparing a quick visual aid for a presentation, a low-fidelity prototype — like a wireframe with placeholder images and some basic text — would be more than enough. But if you’re going for more intricate usabilit...

To create an intuitive user flow, try to think as your user would when interacting with your product. While you can fine-tune this during beta testing, considering your user’s needs and habits early on will save you time by setting you on the right path.

A nice way to both organize your tasks and create more user-friendly prototypes is by building your prototypes ‘inside out’. Start by focusing on what will be important to your user, like a Buy now button or an image gallery, and list each element by order of priority. This way, you’ll be able to...

Being able to test a design before production is one of the biggest benefits of prototyping. But to truly get the most out of your usability tests, it’s important to be clear on what you want to achieve. Before sharing running tests on your prototype, ask yourself the following questions:




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