Creating Your 2022 Manifestation Plan - Deepstash
Creating Your 2022 Manifestation Plan
Creating Your 2022 Manifestation Plan
Creating Your 2022 Manifestation Plan


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Creating Your 2022 Manifestation Plan

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Looking Back

  • How are you feeling about goals, plans and desires that you had this year?
  • Are you on track to receive and achieve them?


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Meditate & Introspect

  • What are the desires that you thought of during that time?
  • How do you feel as you manifest your goals
  • What the actions you are taking towards those desires


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Limiting Beliefs

What are your limiting Beliefs and Blocks. Use the below prompts-

  • Thoughts
  • Mental Chatter
  • Blocks
  • Negative Beliefs


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Daily Manifestation Plan

  • Daily Dreaming and Devotion
  • Energetic Embodiment
  • Impress your dreams into your consciousness
  • Consistent Inspired Action
  • Trust in Timing and Unfolding : Patience
  • Surrender: Do your duty and then leave the things you can't control to the world
  • If you don't get it trust that it's not the right time now or something better is coming your way


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