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The double design model is a system that all designers use in their creative processes.


Double Diamond Model: what is it?

Double Diamond Model: what is it?


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The double diamond design model

The Double Diamond design model is a roadmap for the creative process.

The British Design Council invented the model back in 2005. The Council wanted to learn more about how people process information to create solutions. Surprisingly, they found that all creative p...

Four stages of the Double Diamond design model

  • Discovery: gathering data
  • Definition: filtering through data and sign-off
  • Development: start to design
  • Delivery: test and release

These stages work as a map to organise thoughts and improv...

Discovery stage: gathering data

The first stage is about identifying the problem, then considering if it is a real problem or an opportunity. Companies will lay down their problem, present a hypothesis, and define the way they can learn more.

A study found that keeping employees' minds open to all possibl...

The definition stage is about filtering through all the information you got from the first stage, then identifying bottlenecks or resource waste, seeing hidden opportunities and creating a no-go list.

The end of the definition stage consists of corporate sign-off, when mana...

Development stage: start to design

This stage marks the start of the actual design process. The development stage involves putting the designers together with internal partners, such as engineers, developers or other departments. By doing this, you speed up problem-solving.

The method aims to put the prototy...

The last stage of this model includes the final testing of the product and official sign-off to production.

The final test is the last look at the product to ensure it is without issues. It includes testing it against regulation and legal standards, damage testing or compat...

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