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This is a good technique to try for active learning.


Beginner's Guide to The Flow Notes Method

Beginner's Guide to The Flow Notes Method


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Flow notes

Flow-based note-taking is one of the best ways to consume content meant for learning. The approach followed by Flow notes is pretty straightforward - create notes as you understand it and not how the narrators narrate them.

With this method, you'll be more efficient with time since you learn and take notes simultaneously. Why would you want to take notes for hours and spend more time learning those same notes later? Also, the Flow method encourages active learning, which most of us don't practice enough. When you tr...

You can use spaced repetitions to make your notes memorable for the long term. You can also use it in conjunction with another system like the Cornell Method. The goal is not transcribing but rather understanding what is being taught. You need to remember three core ideas with Flow notes:


You can start on an empty page where you write the core idea of the session at the center. The next step would be to take down ideas you think are essential, in your own words, in the empty spaces. When you find connections between something earlier to what is being said now, use arrows or lines ...

I glance at the topic for the session and take down the sub-headings on the sheet with ample space between them to help me manage space, but you are free to improvise your way. This practice is not for structure but to ensure that I don't run out of writing space for any particular topic. Finally...

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