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Examines our perspective on motivation


What We Need is Discipline, Not Motivation!

What We Need is Discipline, Not Motivation!



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What We Need is Discipline, Not Motivation!

Motivation is one of the most beautiful fairy tales and stories, it is a utopia.

We spend our lives for motivation

I don’t know why we spend our lives searching for motivation. Why do we need motivation while studying, preparing for exams, finishing a job? Especially in business life, people constantly expect external motivation support. To stay motivated, we eat breakfast, organize events, drink coffee, read...

We know that studying, looking for a job, doing business is not very enjoyable. All of them are in fact a necessity and obstacles to be overcome. As a matter of fact, being very motivated, having a lot of fun, being very happy etc. nonexistent expectations. Even if it is the best job, at the end ...

Someone said, “You need discipline, not motivation.” I think he was right. Motivation is a utopia, it is a tale. It is not motivation, it is definitely discipline that lifts successful business people from their beds at 5 in the morning and read books. The people we watch with am...

Interestingly, almost none of us thinks; maybe what we call motivation is a big mistake. Maybe it’s just a wonderful tale made up to deceive us. All this time we tried to gain, protect and increase our motivation, what did we gain? Can anyone stay for a long time with the same energy and same mot...

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