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What We Need is Discipline, Not Motivation!

What We Need is Discipline, Not Motivation!

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What We Need is Discipline, Not Motivation!

What We Need is Discipline, Not Motivation!

Motivation is one of the most beautiful fairy tales and stories, it is a utopia.


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We spend our lives for motivation

We spend our lives for motivation

I don’t know why we spend our lives searching for motivation. Why do we need motivation while studying, preparing for exams, finishing a job? Especially in business life, people constantly expect external motivation support. To stay motivated, we eat breakfast, organize events, drink coffee, read books, watch TEDX videos, go on a trip, and the cycle continues.


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Some day you will get bored

We know that studying, looking for a job, doing business is not very enjoyable. All of them are in fact a necessity and obstacles to be overcome. As a matter of fact, being very motivated, having a lot of fun, being very happy etc. nonexistent expectations. Even if it is the best job, at the end of 3 months, people get bored of sameness, continuity and necessity. It is possible to keep us motivated, but is it really possible to stay on the same level all the time?


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It's motivation

Someone said, “You need discipline, not motivation.” I think he was right. Motivation is a utopia, it is a tale. It is not motivation, it is definitely discipline that lifts successful business people from their beds at 5 in the morning and read books. The people we watch with amazement do not expect to be motivated. They discipline themselves first and focus. They get up every morning without excuse and read the book or do sports every day. They work hard every day, and at the end of the day they add something to their skills. They do not expect to a utopia called motivation for all of this.


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What if searching motivation is a big mistake?

Interestingly, almost none of us thinks; maybe what we call motivation is a big mistake. Maybe it’s just a wonderful tale made up to deceive us. All this time we tried to gain, protect and increase our motivation, what did we gain? Can anyone stay for a long time with the same energy and same motivation? Or are you bored at the dawn of the third day?


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