Career Seasons: Choosing a Role Based on the Lifestyle You Want - Deepstash
Career Seasons: Choosing a Role Based on the Lifestyle You Want

Career Seasons: Choosing a Role Based on the Lifestyle You Want

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Career Seasons

Career Seasons

We all go through different phases in each of our careers. Your Season has profound implications for the jobs you look for and even the way you search for your job. 

At different points in our lives, we want different kinds of jobs:

  • Growth: When we prioritize learning and earning more — and we’re willing to put in the time
  • Lifestyle: When we want to prioritize our time outside work, such as taking care of family
  • Reinvention: When we want to completely reinvent ourselves, including the role and even industry we work in.


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Growth Season

In the Growth Season, we’re motivated by moving up the career ladder and making more money. We’re willing to put the time in and we don’t mind working hard.  

People in the Growth Season want more experience and more money…and they’re willing to work for it.


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Lifestyle Season

People in the Lifestyle Season still value their work and career, but they also have other equally important goals. Here’s a classic quote describing the Lifestyle Season:

Notice these phrases, which instantly tip us off to the Lifestyle Season: “Flexibility” (or “flexible schedule”), “downshift,” or “family.” You may think about work/life balance if you’re going into a Lifestyle Season.


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Reinvention Season

Reinvention Season describes people who want to totally reimagine and change the course of their career, usually by switching industries.

You’ll hear typical phrases like “fresh start” to describe this Season.


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A Few Notes About Seasons

  • No Season is better than the others. No judgment against any Season — it’s YOUR Season. You choose what’s right for you now.
  • We naturally move in and out of Career Seasons as we get older. Just like actual seasons. While it makes sense to want all of these things to happen simultaneously, some things are just more appropriate for certain Seasons.
  • Even if you feel like you could be in multiple Seasons, you need to pick ONE. This is hard, especially for top performers who like to go above and beyond. But you will find that trying to do more than one at a time means not doing your best at either.


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