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Ramit Sethi argues that, just like there are seasons in our life, there are - and must be - seasons in our career and that without understanding “our” Career Season, we can’t and won’t find a job that’s perfectly made for us.


Career Seasons: Choosing a Job Based on the Lifestyle You Want

Career Seasons: Choosing a Job Based on the Lifestyle You Want


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Different Points = Different Wants

At different points in our lives, we want different kinds of jobs:

  • Growth point: When we prioritize learning and earning more — and we’re willing to put in the time
  • Lifestyle point: When we wa...

Whenever Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, asked people what they wanted from a ”dream job”, one of the most striking things about their answers was how different they were.

Some people wanted to step back into their career full time after a hiatus. Some...

But, then, as well as now, if these people ask for help with how to reach their Dream Jobs, the common answers are all the same:

“Just follow your passion!”

“Just be thankful you have a job!”

“Just do good work and you’ll be rewarded eventually.”

(Have you noticed how so m...

We all go through different phases in each of our careers. Some of us are early in our careers, looking to grow and soak up knowledge. Sometimes we want to downshift, or prioritize family. And sometimes we want to reinvent ourselves entirely.

Ramit Sethi calls these different phases...

Most of us started in this Season early in our careers. Some of us are still in it! In the Growth Season, we’re motivated by moving up the career ladder and making more money. We’re willing to put the time in and we don’t mind working hard. 

Here’s a quote from someone that...

People in the Lifestyle Season still value their work and career, but they also have other equally important goals. Here’s a classic quote describing the Lifestyle Season:

“I want to spend as much time with my kids as I can. I do not want to work 60 hours a week anymore...

Reinvention Season describes people who want to totally reimagine and change the course of their career, usually by switching industries. Imagine a lawyer who wants to leave her firm and join a start-up.

Here’s a quote from someone in Reinvention Season: 

“I have...

1. No Season is better than the others.

No judgment against any Season — it’s your Season. You choose what’s right for you now.

Think of the previous quotes. For some, one or more of them sounds terrible. For others, this i...

2. We naturally move in and out of Career Seasons as we get older.

Just like actual seasons. While it makes sense to want all of these things to happen simultaneously, some things are just more appropriate for certain Seasons. You can choose the right Season for you — but ...

3. Finally, EVEN if you feel like you could be in multiple Seasons, you NEED to pick ONE.

This is hard, especially for top performers who like to go above and beyond. But you will find that trying to do more than one at a time means not doing your best at either.


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