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Why It’s So Hard to Keep and Recruit Employees Right Now | Lynda Gratton

Why It’s So Hard to Keep and Recruit Employees Right Now | Lynda Gratton



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Retaining And Recruiting Employees

I study the forces that shape work and our attitudes toward it. There are three forces that have been in play since before the pandemic began that help explain why we’re seeing so much turbulence in the workforce now.

  1. People are living longer.
  2. They have two or three income f...

The combined impact of these three forces is swinging the power pendulum toward employees — who don’t want to just work and then retire, who may start to reject really bad jobs, and who will be paying close attention to what other companies are beginning to offer their workforces.

In the short term, many people are still deeply anxious about the health implications of going back to certain types of work. This extends to low-wage workers, who say their concerns about their mental and physical health are nearly as high as their concerns about covering monthly expenses.

Companies and leaders must soon realize that when people want more autonomy to live a multistage life, the organizational variable they most treasure is flexibility— flexibility about both where they work and when they work, flexibility to take time off to explore, flexibility to launch a small c...

By bad jobs are the jobs with long hours, low pay, no training, tough bosses, and poor prospects. When unemployment is high, many people have to take such jobs.

But as the labor market tightens, people pay more attention to their ideas about what could be, alternative ways of working, and...

Right now, there is a huge swell of experimentation going on.

Companies are designing talent practices that, for example, enable people to work from anywhere three months a year, or to seldom come into the office, or to bundle their working hours into just three days or string them out ov...

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