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Have you applied to 25, 50, 100 or more UX jobs and not landed any interviews or job offers? The solution is to not keep applying and hoping the numbers game will eventually lead to more interviews and job offers.


How to Get More UX Job Interviews: 3 Product Management Principles to Apply to Your Job Search

How to Get More UX Job Interviews: 3 Product Management Principles to Apply to Your Job Search


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If you want to get more job interviews and offers, you must step up and be the product manager of your job search.

You need to treat your UX job search with the intentionality, insight, and information based decisions that a product manager uses when creating a product.

A great produc...

What Product Managers Do

  • Diagnose problems. Product managers constantly look for clues to help them spot problems and opportunities as soon as possible.
  • Define a path forward. Product managers develop a customized plan to navigate and fix problems, build new features, and ...

In product development, we follow processes and apply principles and strategies because they provide us with the necessary knowledge to build the right things faster, or as close to the right thing as possible!

The candidates have to meet the needs and goals of _their users — _the UX recruiters, hiring managers, and everyone else involved in the interview process.

When this shift happens, everything comes together and candidates are able to articulate their skills and experience in a way that st...

Instead of diagnosing the root problems in their job search, many UX professionals go into panic mode and keep applying because they don’t know what else to do. In fact, some UX bootcamps, education programs, and UX career coaches teach students to simply play the numbers game.

It is cruci...

Equipped with the insight and information from diagnosing problems in your job search, a product manager would then help prioritize the changes a candidate like you may need to make. Many tasks related to your job search depend and build upon each other. That’s why it’s crucial to strate...

In the actual job search, many UX professionals only track metrics such as the number of jobs applied to, interviews received and offers received. There are so many small steps candidates can take to help themselves stand out in the sea of applicants. Simple things such as sending a follo...

To get hired faster, you need to pivot your UX job search and start thinking and acting and thinking like a product manager.

Too many UX and product people are stuck in roles that have left them in a skills plateau, at companies that don’t align with their values, and not earning the salari...

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