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I asked people what they do when they're in an inspirational slump, and it turns out everyone has thoughts—because everyone's been there. Here's what I learned.


How to get out of an inspiration slump at work

How to get out of an inspiration slump at work


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Talk directly to the end-user

Customer support logs are a great place to reconnect with the purpose of your work (not to mention, they give you a gold mine of blog post ideas).

Go to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit to see what the audience is talking about. If possible, investigating branded communities or other gro...

You can also find inspiration from your team. Sometimes that means brainstorming with a colleague you don't usually talk to (diverse perspectives help a lot), but depending on your role, internal inspiration might be a bit more literal.

Sometimes, if you're in a slump, you just need to pull...

Getting out of your comfort zone can re-invigorate you—and teach you a thing or two along the way. Penny Adams, a pet photographer, found a burst of inspiration after attending a three-day workshop. Instead of losing productivity to the three days away, she was able to come back refreshed and...

If trying a new angle on the same topic isn't working, how about abandoning your niche altogether for a moment? Jason Bradwell, the Senior Director of Group Marketing and Communications at Deltatre, turns to fiction writing to give his ideas space and time to form.

It's tem...

Focusing only on big goals (and how far away you are from them) is demoralizing. To help curb idea slumps in the future, set up a way to automate positivity.

A simple weekly reminder in Slack for your team to share their wins helps everyone appreciate the journey.

Sometimes you'll be sick of working on the same thing every day. That's ok! While you can't ignore the task at hand, you can lean into the lack of excitement. Feeling uninspired isn't always something you need to force yourself to fix, and in fact, boredom can be good for productivity.


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