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Inside the mind of an architecture student - Architecturechat

Inside the mind of an architecture student - Architecturechat


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Five years of a learning experience

The turbulent ride brings an evolution in the way one perceives their environment; a blend of exhilaration, patience, and hard work, wouldn’t you agree?

The first year in an architecture school can be scary and yet, inspiring.

The first year is about the liberty to be one’s creative selves and making friendships for a lifetime!

With the commencement of the second year begins the expectations of less conjectural designs, driving students towards an endless cycle of pulling all-nighters.

With a new year, comes tenacious responsibilities, and insights towards technicalities in architecture.

The end of this year gets stimulating because of the next big question –how to create an outstanding portfolio and going to internships in renowned firms?

Everyone waits to thrive, live the office life and explore everything about the new place. Amongst other things, this year teaches you to manage your time graciously, and market your design and communication skills.

This year brings all the nostalgia of the last four years – you work harder, fulfill your responsibilities as the senior-most batch, and enjoy a little more of your time with your friends. Everyone gets ready for a one-last final jury, and whether fully prepared or not, the architectural world be...

Towards the end, the conviction to follow your lessons is what leads you to success.

You become your best selves when you have the heart to follow your passion because why carry the regret to not attending to it in the first place? Everything in the world is hard until you work for it, and so is the case with architecture.

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