Could Architecture Be Impacting How Productive You Are? - Deepstash
Air quality

There are a few different things that contribute to the quality of air, including CO2 levels, pollutants, and general ventilation, and the scientific consensus is that if the air in a building isn’t of high quality, cognitive function can be impaired.


Light levels

Natural light provides our bodies with vitamin D, which in turn promotes healthy bone growth, and has been found to actively contribute to our physical and cognitive productivity. Put simply, if the indoor environments we spend time in are poorly naturally lit, our productivity can suffer – particularly in the winter, when the daylight hours are shorter.


Visual Aesthetics

Longer distance views, away from computer screens or written documents reduce fatigue, headaches and the effects of eye strain in the long term. Views also have a positive impact on wellbeing, in part by providing a psychological connection with other groups of people while in a safe space.


Productivity and building design

It’s important to get to grips with what it is about building design that has an impact on how productive we are and then make some actively informed decisions on how to increase our productivity:

  • Improve indoor lighting;
  • Choose the right work spot;
  • Take breaks outdoors;
  • Redesign your interiors.


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