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Work-Life Balance Is a Cycle, Not an Achievement

Work-Life Balance Is a Cycle, Not an Achievement


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The Pursuit Of Work-Life Balance

Research has definitively shown that overwork isn’t good for employees or their companies. In practice, it can be hard to overcome unhealthy work habits and reach a more sustainable work-life balance.

To achieve lasting change, you must view this process not as a one-time activity, but...

At a high level, research showed that achieving better balance between professional and personal priorities boils down to a combination of reflexivity — or questioning assumptions to increase self-awareness — and intentional...

Take a step back and ask yourself: What is currently causing me stress, unbalance, or dissatisfaction? How are these circumstances affecting how I perform and engage with my job? How are they impacting my personal life? What am I prioritizing? What am I sacrificing? What is getting lost?

A rational understanding of the decisions and priorities driving your life is important, but equally important is emotional reflexivity — that is, the capacity to recognize how a situation is making you feel.

Awareness of your emotional state is essential in order to determine the...

Our priorities often shift faster than our day-to-day time allocation habits. The interviewees that described a more positive work-life balance intentionally reprioritized how they spent their time in a way that lined up with their true priorities.

One participant described how he still s...

Before jumping into solutions, first, reflect on the aspects of your work and life that could be different in order to better align with your priorities.

Are there components of your job that you would like to see changed? How much time would you like to spend with your family, or on hobb...

Both public and private changes can be effective strategies, as long as they’re implemented in a sustainable manner. For private changes, that might mean self-imposing boundaries or turning down demands typically associated with your role.

For public changes, rather than simply telling yo...

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Having work-life balance is an important thing.. or is it? Here is debate about the pros and cons of work-life balance and a slightly better option.



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