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The idea od being busy has become glorified to an unhealthy extent, maybe it's time to take a step back and think of not always being busy, but being efficient.


Being Busy Is Good?

Being Busy Is Good?


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No, it’s hard to say that everything about hustle cultre or being busy is bad. But it’s definitely a point to note that these do glorify the idea of constantly being on the go and working and have even made it the norm for today’s generation to constantly be working and measuring their own self w...

Think about it, how many times have you criticized yourself because you didn’t do ‘enough work ‘ or you didn’t ‘work harder ‘?

How many times have you actually been happy on a day off and been glad that you took care of yourself?

According to the standards we’ve created for ourselves,...

Glorifying the idea of always being busy tends to make us much more about self and can, in a sense, make our thoughts and actions even more selfish.

We tend to get more stuck in our own little world excessively brooding about our own work and our own problems which obviously have a negativ...

The current idea of busyness doesn’t necessarily put in ‘quality of work’ as an important factor, instead, ‘quantity of work’ becomes the deciding factor.

When we place priorities in the wrong areas it does end up being counter-productive and instead of actually getting things done we migh...

Being ‘busy ‘ isn’t something you’re forced to do, it’s a life choice – something you make and continue.

Know that being efficient isn’t about the number of hours you spend doing something that may or may not have a positive outcome. Efficiency is ...

Being busy is just about passing time doing things that seem productive,while actually, using time for things that support growth is real productivity.

Answering emails is one such task that might seem and feel productive but it has more cons to pros. It always makes you feel productive but...

When we’re constantly under stress and lose work-life balance (which is a consequence of hustle cultre) we tend to mess with our attention span, and the constant pressure from work and personal life harms the cognitive bandwidth.

Even though having narrow cognitive bandwidth might help you ...

A definite point of importance is that when we become so fixated in our own lives doing ‘productive’ work, we tend to have less time for things that actually matter, like our own physical and mental health.

We tend to have less time for decisions that affect us, instead we make impulsive de...

• It might make us feel important to be constantly busy and get that validation from society. But remember that the same busyness has long term effects on your health.

These long hours of stress and lack of sleep and completely ignoring self-health can lead to problems like headaches, insom...

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