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Deep Work

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Distractions In Daily Life

Distractions are always around you. If you're focused on your work and suddenly your phone buzzes, you feel like checking it immediately or your mind starts to day-dream after a certain period of focus. Has this ever happened to you? If yes, don't worry! I'm gonna share a few ideas on how to work consistently by not getting distracted.


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Getting distracted is mainly because we tend to lose focus after a certain period of working. Changing your attitude towards your work will help you know the importance of your work and not get distracted.

It's very simple to do. Jot down the reason of why you want to work and keep reminding yourself about that reason. Build a positive attitude when working and treat your work with utmost respect.


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Setting short work related goals can remove temporary distractions and help you see the long term goal ahead. You must set the short-term goal in such a way that it highlights the long-term goal. Ideally, these goals should be achievable in a short period of time like a week or a month.

Everytime a short-term goal is achieved, observe your progress and note it down. Example: Short term goal: to improve test grades by 10%

Long term goal: to increase my overall GPA.


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While working, removing all distractions is an obviously important thing. Switch off your phone or keep it on silent and remove any other distractions. Inform your parents or siblings before you work or they are gonna barge in and disturb you completely.

Also, remove all those items or posters in your workspace that may cause you to get distracted.


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The pomodoro technique is a simple tool to increase efficiency and quality of work. It can be applied to anything, be it exercising or studying or reading. For those of you who don't know about it, it's nothing but focusing on the particular task for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break.

This completes one pomodoro. However, if you feel you are able to focus for more time, you can increase the period of focus. Pomodoro technique helps focus easily as short breaks are taken every five minutes. Make sure to take 15 min break after 2-3 pomodoros.


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If you feel drowsy during work, have a small snack. Don't eat any high calorie foods like doritos or Pringles as these will only worsen your drowsiness. Eat salads and fruits. A cup of coffee is also helpful.


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Work with a group of people frequently who share the same goals as you. They may be your schoolmates or colleagues or friends. Working in a group tends to make every individual more productive and also competitive. This is a big time mood booster and gives one hell of a rush.

Also, distractions are minimum when working in a group unless everybody tends to get distracted very easily. Choose your group of people carefully as there may be some that tend to get more distracted when in a group. Also, for further information, please do read the book mentioned.


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Trying to find the purpose of my life.


Getting distracted is easy, but staying focused is tough. Here are some ideas on how to prevent distractions!


I recommend reading the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. It will increase your work productivity tremendously if you are able to practice lessons gained from the book.

Deep Work is a book about the skills we need in the age of Google. To thrive in the modern world, you have to have the skills of the masters: concentration, focus, the ability to work deeply, the talent to produce high-quality work without getting distracted. This breakthrough guide to focus and productivity is the most talked-about business book of the year.

“What we choose to focus on and what we choose to ignore—plays in defining the quality of our life.” — Cal Newport