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Communication and Quantum Technology

Communication and Quantum Technology


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Communication And Quantum Technology

The development of communication technologies paved the way for man’s fourth stage of evolution and marked the onset of a new era driven by technology and versatile digital developments. The growth of humanity in computer advancements has led to innovative solutions to our everyday difficulties a...

Today, the world is facing a cyber-attack every 2 seconds. In this context, the demand to secure one’s data has become the top priority of individuals and companies connected with cyberspace. Various methods have been introduced in the past, to help secure communication technology. However, there...

Cyber Attacks And QKD

The security of voice calls can be compromised with ease as the radiations and communication waves between 1 cell phone tower to another can be tapped and the information can be intercepted by a malicious person. To tackle the problem of leakage of information through voice calls the concept of l...

Quantum technology is an emerging field of physics that is based on the principles of quantum mechanics. The word quantum in physics is defined as the minimum amount of any physical entity or property involved in an interaction between particles. This interaction of particles of two or more e...

Quantum cryptography and communication.

The laws of quantum physics allow the photons or light particles to be in a state of superposition i.e., represented in multiple combinations of binary digits (0 and 1) at an instant in time. These combinations are termed qubits .

In classical cryptography, hackers use bru...

The security of encrypted data solely depends on the strength of the key used to encrypt that information. The mathematical complexity along with the permutations and combinations that the keys have undergone decides how easy it is to decrypt the data. Due to the complex and random nature of keys...

Trial Conducted By DRDO

In December 2020, DRDO of India conducted successful trials of QKD to showcase secure communication. The Quantum-based security solution against eavesdropping was validated at a 12-km range and 10 dB reduction over the fibre optic channel.

The development of such an incredible technology is...

Processor Sycamore's Achievement

The negligence of people regarding the security of communication technology is also a reason why the mass production of devices that can help us combine quantum cryptography with information security is still a problem that is to be solved by tech giants and innovators.

In October 2019, Goo...

The introduction of powerful machines had made it mandatory to introduce solutions to the risk they shadow upon our private information, making the development of quantum cryptography the need of the hour.

What is Quantum Key Distribution?

QKD is a way to secure the network from code-breaking even by a quantum computer which ensures the information is safely transferred from one point to another without any eavesdropping or tapping into the information.

The encrypted data is sent as classical bits (0s and 1s...

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quantum security was determined to be a blocking criteria for blockchain adoption by capital wales



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