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12 Team Building Exercises For Improving Work Communication

12 Team Building Exercises For Improving Work Communication



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How To Successfully Manage A Team

Managers can be more successful by focusing on:

  • Compelling direction: Team members need to be engaged and energized, with explicit goals.
  • Strong structure: The team needs the right number and mix of members, great processes, and positive dyn...

The potential for project success can be improved significantly through transformational leadership (inspiring and encouraging staff to create positive change through innovation) and team building.

Team building provides some...

Before embarking on designing and running team-building exercises, it is essential to understand the needs of the group.

  • Are members of the group resisting change?
  • Are there conflicts and divisions that need to be addressed?
  • Are individual egos putting the team’s succes...

  • Opportunity for the team to get to know one another better
  • Improving cohesion of virtual teams (they may have never met)
  • Uniting toward a common goal or shared vision
  • Understanding the strengths of team members
  • Fostering strong team skills
  • Boosting tea...

While there are many ways of running team-building events, there is a set of roles that are common to most exercises:

  • Team Leader
  • Recorder
  • Time Keeper
  • Mediator

The Stepping Forward Exercise can be the perfect way to begin or end a team-building day and understand the needs of all in attendance.

Once the exercise is complete, the team-building day ...

Breaking down barriers and having fun in a team setting can be hugely beneficial for creating a team that works well together and is resilient to change and challenge.

The Human Typewriter Exercise ...

Most meetings and training sessions involve sitting in one place for longer than is comfortable. Before and during a session, it can be useful to get people moving to change the social dynamics and stimulate new interactions.


For the Blindfold Guiding Exercise, divide the team into pairs and assign one the role of the blindfolded walker with the other as a guide.

The guide, while walking behind the walker, guid...

Creating an element of personal risk (albeit minimal) can help build trust and break down barriers within a group.

The Trust Fall Exercise requires no materials and is easy to explain; though it ...

The Getting to Know One Another Exercise can help build understanding, leading to more openness when sharing information.

The team forms into pairs and shares a story of a blunde...

Good communication is a great place to start and can be encouraged through nonverbal behaviour such as making eye contact. After all, looking someone in the eye is important for showing both vulnerability and confidence.

Try out the 

A work culture that encourages open and positive feedback fosters growth by supporting the open discussion of opportunities and concerns.

The Back Writing Exercise offers a safe, light-hearted ...

Telling stories can be a great way to break down barriers, especially when we use our imagination to make things seem a little more interesting.

The True and False Exercise involves each part...

Online team building can be crucial to removing barriers and improving cooperation and communication.

The Getting to Know One Another Exercise can easily be moved online by askin...

These games work for any age group of children or youths:

  • The Balloon Train involves each pair getting a balloon from one side of a room to another and back. They must balance the balloon between them without using their hands. If it falls, they must start again. If they succeed, they ...



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