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Life lessons from Nikola Tesla


6 Lessons to learn from the Life of Nikola Tesla

6 Lessons to learn from the Life of Nikola Tesla



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Based on his childhood, Nikola had energy on his mind from an early age.

Young Nikola dreamed of harnessing the power of Niagara Falls.

By 1887, he had developed the alternating current as a way to transmit power over long distances.

But the concept wasn’t immediately accepted.

Many CEOs have unusual preferences and personal habits.

Whether they’re motivated by wellbeing or organization, these quirks seem integral to their success.

Nikola Tesla was eccentric and had a strong aesthetic sensibility.

He teaches us to embrace our presence on the earth.


Though he took cat naps throughout the day.

Tesla also claimed he never slept more than 2 hours.

Once he stopped eating solid foods, opting instead for liquid sustenance like warm milk and juices.

Tesla strongly believed

The ability to focus on something is directly propor...

Nikola Tesla believed deeply in the power of solitude.

“Be alone is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born”.

We can reflect and think creatively, rather than diluting our attention with endless distractions.

He regularly collaborated and socialized with some of the greatest minds of his time:

Fellow scientists Politicians, Business people

• Rudyard Kipling

• John Muir

• Henry Clay Frick

• Albert Einstein

Tesla Even received a celebratory letter from Albert Einstein...

  • Be Fearless
  • Trust in your Life Long Goal
  • Embrace your You-ness
  • Habits for being Productive
  • Learn to love your own company
  • Surround yourself with interesting

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