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Two Is Better Than One

Partnerships (at least the successful ones) encourage a series of characteristics—trust, teamwork, a regard for someone else, and continuing checks and balances.

You can’t do everything on your own.  Even Einstein wouldn’t have been successful if there weren’t other people he didn’t talk to all the time. Total isolation does not work. You need interaction, putting your own thoughts into expression; you learn things just from doing it.


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The Best Partnerships

The best combination comes from partnership, when two people balance each other, constantly reminding the other of the need to keep the conscious and unconscious in harmony, to make each other smarter, make each other better.


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Not Keeping Score

They have complete trust, complete faith, and complete belief in each other. And that reverberates through every phone call they have, every deal they discuss, and every decision they make.

You cannot keep score. It just doesn’t work with the best of human relationships. It shouldn’t be even suppressed—it should be something that doesn’t even exist.


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Does the partnership cause the success, or does the success cause the partnership?



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The Holy Grail

It’s human nature to seek the quick and easy path to success. History is full of stories about people’s quest for the Holy Grail, the search for the fountain of youth, the philosopher’s stone, the proverbial ‘silver bullet’. And while there are common elements that can guide us more surely along the path to success, the reality is we must alter the recipe to suit our own unique strengths, limitations, desires and situations.

The same is true for creating winning partnerships.


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Splitting The Challenge

Partnerships all made these people happy, and happier than they would have been had they worked for their success alone. They had someone else with whom to experience the challenging lows and the ecstatic highs; another person in the trenches, another person to pop the champagne


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Finding The Right Person

Who here doesn’t want to be happier in their work and personal lives? Who would prefer to organize a party for one (be it of a celebratory nature or a pity party)? Who wants to work harder alone rather than alongside others who share your dreams and aspirations?

Finding the right partner for our various dreams and aspirations is itself hard work. Through trial and error, I did find my life partner. I have not yet experienced the same success in a business context.


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Engineer in biomedical


Two heads are better than one.

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