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by David Epstein

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There are two kind of people in this world.

First is a generalist, who knows different & many things but not in depth.

And the second one is a specialist, who excels in particular field of knowledge in depth. But not adequate in any other field besides it.


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Ordered environment is an environment with a stable, repetitive, and controlled situation in which we can predict what could be happen inside it. Specialist people tend to have a benefit from this kind of environment. Example : Chess game & computer programming

Wicked Environment is an environment with a chaotic, unstable, and unpredictable outcome. Specialization tend to perform bad in this environment and the generalist have an advantage in this kind of environment. Example : Stock Market & Political Science


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Generalist and Spesialist doesn't always contradict each other.

Rather, the world need both of them to make innovation and progress in different fields of study


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If you working on a team project. Make sure you don't have a same kind of specialized people on your team.

Rather, you want to assemble your team from different backgrounds and field of study.

This type of team will perform better on their task, because the versatility & perspective is a lot more variative


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There are two types of thinking.

First, ordered Thinking. In which you try to solve problem by following detailed and procedural logic. Example : Mathematics or puzzle.

Second, lateral thinking. This type of thinking requires you to not follow step by step logical reasoning. But by taking leap & non-linear reasoning to arrive at the conclusion


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We may see a people who found their so called passion at early age and focusing on that specific field by constant training. Example : Tiger Woods became a world class athlete by focusing training golf since his childhood

But not all people will follow this step. There will be a someone who is going to change passion & focus in their course of life. Example : Roger Federer is changing his interest from football, tennis, basketball, until he finally find his passion in tennis at his late adulthood.

Both of this are normal case.


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