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1. Aryabhatta

1. Aryabhatta

Aryabhatta was a great astrologer and mathematician of ancient India. He composed the Aryabhatiya texts in which many theories of astrology have been rendered. Aryabhata is counted among the greatest astronomers of the world. He formulated important rules related to mathematics and astronomy, which even today, the world’s best scientists are miraculous about. So, we hope you will like to know Aryabhatta contributions.


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Aryabhata was a great astrologer and mathematician of ancient India. He composed the ‘Aryabhatiya’ text, which is a representation of many principles of astrology. Astrologers of ancient times, famous scholars such as Aryabhata, Varahamihir, Brahmagupta, Aryabhat II, Bhaskaracharya, Kamlakar are an invaluable contribution in this field.


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Aryabhatta Contribution To Mathematics

Aryabhatta Contribution To Mathematics

Among these, Aryabhatta is the most famous. He was the chief astrologer of the Gupta period. He was educated at Nalanda University. At the age of 23, Aryabhatta had written ‘Aryabhatiya Granth’ This book of his was received from all around, which influenced King Buddhagupta to make Aryabhatta head of Nalanda University.

Aryabhatta’s name is well known in the history of world mathematics. Apart from being an astronomer, Aryabhatta contribution in the field of mathematics is also valuable. Aryabhata is also the oldest book in algebra. He first fixed the value of ‘pi’ (π).


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Aryabhatta Contribution In The Search For Zero

Aryabhatta Contribution In The Search For Zero

In order to solve complex mathematical problems easily, he invented equations, which became famous all over the world. He invented a new method for speaking eleven, zero-like numbers one after the other. In algebra, he made many amendments and introduced the ‘Arya theory’ of mathematics astrology.

In old age, Aryabhatta wrote a book called ‘Aryabhata Siddhanta’. Aryabhatiya is a complete book. So, this book contains many things of mathematics like geometry, square root (√), cube root, astronomical calculations and things related to space.

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Aryabhatta Contributions To Other Field:

The great discovery of zero (0) made Aryabhata’s name immortal in the history of mathematics. And thus we all know that without it mathematics is difficult to imagine. Aryabhatta firstly interpreted the local values ​​system.

He was the first to point out that our Earth revolves around the Sun on its axis and that the Moon is the Earth’s satellite which revolves around the Earth. Aryabhatta believed that the orbit of all the planets is long circular. He told that the light of the moon is the reflection of the sun.


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Reason For Lunar Eclipse

The Earth is round and rotates on its axis, which causes night and day, everyone knows this theory, but many people will be familiar with the reality that Aryabhatta had discovered long before ‘Nicholas Copernicus’. The Earth is round and its circumference is approximately 24835 miles.

Aryabhatta falsified the belief of Hinduism that the planet named Rahu swallows the sun and the moon, which eclipses the sun and the moon. In the lunar eclipse, he discovered the reason that the lunar eclipse occurs due to the arrival of the Earth between the Moon and the Sun and its shadow falling on the Moon.


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Theory Of Sun And Moon E

Theory Of Sun And Moon E

He also knew that the moon and other planets are not themselves luminous, but that the rays of the sun reflect in them, and that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun. He also said that the ‘moon’ is black and illuminates only with sunlight.

Aryabhatta proved that there are not 366 days in the year but 365.2951 days. Aryabhatta’s ‘Bollis doctrine’ (Theory of the Sun Moon Eclipse) ‘Celiac Doctrine’ and the Sun Principle is particularly important. The ‘Varshamana’ determined by Aryabhata is more scientific than ‘Ptolemy’.


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Major Aryabhatta Contributions To Astronomy And Mathematics

  • Aryabhatta told that the height of the atmosphere 80 kilometers. Actually, the height of the atmosphere is more than 1600 kilometer but 99 percent of it is limited to 80 km range.
  • He Aryabhata had measured the speed of relative Earth rotation from the stars and said that the length of one day is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds, which is actually only 0.86 seconds less. Even before Aryabhatta, many Greeks, Unani and Indian scientists had told the length of time of one day but they were not as accurate as of the calculation of Aryabhatta.


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Calculations And P

• According to Aryabhata, the length of one year is equal to 365.25868 days which is approximately equal to modern calculation 365.25636.

•Aryabhatta said that the period for the Moon revolving around the Moon was equal to 27.32167 days, which is approximately equal to modern calculation 27.32166.

•He not only told why the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse take place, but also the time to get the eclipse formula.

•He gave the formula to find out how long the eclipse will last.Aryabhata gave the correct value of the pi (π) up to four digits (3.1416) of the decimal.


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Cosine And Sine : Blessing Of Aryabhatta

•It was Aryabhata who discovered Sine and Cosine of Trigonometry.

• So, in the present day what we learn in Trigonometry had basically Aryabhatta’s invention.He revokes the prevailing conception that the Earth is at the center of this universe.

•According to Aryabhata, the Sun is located in the center of the Solar System and the rest of the planets, including the Earth, revolve around it.

•So, from this article, we get a vivid idea regarding Aryabhatta contributions in the field of astronomy as well as in Mathematics.


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