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A Simple Strategy for Keeping Your Team Focused

A Simple Strategy for Keeping Your Team Focused



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Kill 2 and Add 1

What defines an organization is that it says "no" more than "yes." That's because creativity is a double-edged sword. While new ideas get the juices flowing and get people excited, they also come with a real cost.

What's far more complex, is finding the capacity inside the organiz...

Few, if any, organizations have extra staff sitting on the bench, waiting idly for the next new opportunity to come along. To properly chase down that new opportunity, the organization must divert people and resources from somewhere else. And that's when the trouble starts.

To make the new ...

The real danger here is that the more ideas you have your team chasing, not only will they risk burnout, but you will also lose focus. While it might seem like a lot of activity is happening, nothing is getting done. 

Every organization needs three areas of focus. Otherwise, management has ...

Many organizations turn to one common strategy to substitute one initiative for another. If the priority is to chase the new idea, for example, management specifies another area that should be killed off: add 1; kill 1.

While this approach might make sense, it doesn't do enough to move the ...

the most focused and effective organizations rely on what we might call the "Kill 2; Add 1" approach. In other words, if you want the team to chase down a new opportunity, then they also need to stop doing two other initiatives.

While that might seem draconian, it's the overlooked secret to...

The discipline of removing two ideas for each one you add will provide an increasing focus for your team. Focus means the projects really matter and they will tend to get done faster, and the company gets the benefit earlier. 

So, the next time someone on your team comes to you with a new i...

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