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How Google uses Machine Learning to revolutionise the Internet World

How Google uses Machine Learning to revolutionise the Internet World


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Google is a machine learning-first company

Google’s main aim is to organise the world’s information and make it accessible and useful to everyone.

This is where AI comes in. Google has mastered machine learning and made life easy with all its applications. It is continuously updating its platform an...

Machine learning algorithms are trained with examples, where they learn from past experiences and analyse historical data. As it continues training, it can identify patterns to make predictions about the future.

Google takes advantage of machine learning algorithms and syst...

Social, promotional and primary mails are filtered through Google as it labels the email accordingly. When a user marks a message in a consistent direction, Gmail will learn your results for categorisation for the future and change the uses.

With the help of smart replies, you can reply wit...

When you start typing in the search box, it will anticipate what you’re looking for, then provide suggested search terms for the same based on past searches, trends, or from your present location.

For example, bus traffic delays. Google gets all the real-time data on bus locations and f...

Google Assistant. It helps with everyday tasks. For example, it makes it easy to search for nearby restaurants, buy movie tickets while on the go and find the nearest theatre to you. It can also help to navigate to the theatre.

Google Play Music have 30 mil...

There are about 6,500 spoken languages in the world. Google Translate has helped many to decode and understand words, sentences and paragraphs. It is free and fast, although not 100% accurate with larger blocks of text or for some languages. 

This is possible because of Statistical Machine ...

Google Photos play an essential role for Gen X and Gen Z. The app stores your gallery online and lets you access it anytime and anywhere.

It also automatically collects and organises pictures of the same people or objects into albums, such as on a vacation, office, etc., then shows each alb...

Speech Recognition. This feature enables a user to convert audio to text by applying neural network models in an easy to use API. The API currently recognises 120 languages and their variants.

Reverse Image Search. Image search creates categories you might ...

Google Adsense. It keeps track of the users’ search history and recommends advertisements to users as it is now aware of its target market. With Google Adsense, Adsense matches text and display ads to the site based on the content and the visitors, while the website owners earn m...

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