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What is a Failed State?

What is a Failed State?

  1. A failed state is a state that is unable to perform its key role of ensuring domestic order by monopolizing the use of force within its territory.
  2. Cambodia, Haiti, Rwanda, Liberia, and Somalia are examples of failed states in recent years. 


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Problems with failed states

Problems with failed states

  1. Failed states are no longer able to operate as viable political units, in that they lack a credible system of law and order, often being gripped by civil war or warlordism. 
  2. They are also no longer able to operate as viable economic units, in that they are incapable of providing for their citizens and have no functioning infrastructure.
  3. While few failed states are already collapsed altogether, a much larger number barely function and are dangerously close to collapse.


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  1. Federalism shares a root in the Latin word foedus, meaning ‘pact’, or ‘covenant’.
  2. Federalism refers to legal and political structures that distribute power between two distinct levels of government, neither of which is subordinate to the other.
  3. The central feature of federalism is, therefore, the principle of shared sovereignty.
  4. USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and Australia are some examples of classic federalism


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Understanding global politics.

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