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5 Psychology-Based Ways to Make Customers Obsessed With Your Product

5 Psychology-Based Ways to Make Customers Obsessed With Your Product



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The Ultimate Customer Experience

Entrepreneurs often think they must do whatever they can to satisfy their customers. But satisfied customers defect all the time, and if you want to derive a competitive advantage from the product or service experience you offer, it's not enough to satisfy people--you need to impress them.

The last thing that happens in an interaction has a disproportionate influence on people's overall impression and memory of the experience (a consequence of the "recency bias," as it's known in psychology).

To help end on a high note, conclude calls, meetings, e-mails, and...

When making commitments--be it to call someone, deliver a proposal, or provide requested information--don't promise to get back to people "soon" or "shortly," because those terms mean different things to different people.

In most business contexts, ambiguity is the enemy....

"I can help you with that." If you confidently utter those words to a customer or an employee who comes to you for assistance, it immediately changes the tenor of the interaction.

To the person on the receiving end, it's a signal of ownership and advocacy--an indication that some...

Imagine submitting a purchase inquiry through a "Contact Us" form on a business's website--and then hearing back from a company rep within minutes. Exceptional responsiveness is a rarity in today's world, and when we encounter something novel and unexpected, our brain is biochemically primed to f...

If you work in a retail environment, be sure someone is greeting customers within 10 feet or 10 seconds of entering the store. That simple act of making eye contact and acknowledging the customer with a prompt and courteous greeting (even if just to say "I'll be with you in about five minutes...

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Making a business is not that tough, but standing out from the competition becomes difficult when customers does not fall into your business. This all idea is about how can customer fall in love with your business...



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