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New mindsets to approach New Year's resolutions

New mindsets to approach New Year's resolutions


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Derailed resolutions

At the beginning of every year, everyone makes resolutions, but it all dies down by early March. 

Resolutions have been proven to not work. One reason for this is that they are decided upon by looking at other people's expectations. Resolutions look good on the surface but ...

Many resolutions fail because they are not the right ones. This happens because they're based on societal ideals, not yours. They're not specific enough and not supported by a measurable plan.

To achieve success, your goals should be reachable and connected to what ...

After an especially tough year, it's natural to think restarting in the New Year will solve all our problems. This makes it more likely that we'll try to go all-in, causing us to sabotage our efforts. For example, wanting to eat perfectly healthy in the new year and training every day.

We enjoy the allure of wanting to excel at something new. However, change is hard, and feeling overconfident does not help.

You may find yourself unprepared or ill-equipped to face the reality of the situation. Instead, try to be realistic. Acknowledge that delayed gratification is ...

Resolutions don't really cause us to change our habits. Instead, it causes us to focus on a specific result rather than addressing the underlying thinking that leads to unhealthy habits.

Before starting a new goal, take the time to reflect on the big picture

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