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5 workplace myths that can break down motivation

5 workplace myths that can break down motivation


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5 workplace myths that can break down motivation

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No matter what the official line is, the workplace is an environment filled with subtle ideas, myths and working styles that distort our understanding of people.

We need to discard the myths and attempt to diminish the power of perception and the mental landscapes that shape our reality.


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One side believes that the office is not a place for friendships, with people acting as psychopaths. The other side sees friendship at the workplace as an important aspect for success.

The reality is that the workplace is made up of people, who will form friendships due to mutual trust, shared ideas,values, love and caring.

Liking everyone is impractical and discarding friendships entirely is isolating.


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When management is asked if work should be fun, they readily agree. The reality is that office perks aside, actual work is never meant to be fun, but is intentionally serious, creating the perception that work can never be fun by itself.

The reality is that fun activities and workplaces where employees actually enjoy their work is energizing and helps them increase engagement.


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  • Myth - Longer hours means more productivity: Burnout is real, and the longer the workers are on the conveyor belt, the faster they would collapse.
  • Myth - Money Is The Only Motivator: This misconception is formed by a culture that only focuses on money as an indicator of worth. Intrinsic motivators like meaning, loyalty or a sense of purpose supersede the extrinsic motivator that is money.


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Myth - People don’t want to work hard: Many employees feel disengaged and do not believe in their work. They stress out and do not put the required energy into their jobs due to various factors like a bad boss or lack of value in the company.

If an employee is cared for and provided a good working environment, he will not be lazy.


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Myth: Different working styles are needed for leading, following and creating relationships: At work, people are often typecasted, making their personalities rigid and inflexible.

The reality is that everyone has a diverse set of characteristics.

  • Integrators are good at forming relationships due to high levels of EQ(emotional quotient).
  • Pioneers are good at inspiring people to do and be their best, which is an often overlooked but crucial relationship.


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Myth: Work is a zero-sum game: This misconception is due to the scarcity mindset that makes people compete and results in wasted effort and mediocre work.

The reality is that humans can come together to grow and reap unlimited rewards which are accessible to everyone.


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