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You must stop protecting yourself from professional failure

You must stop protecting yourself from professional failure


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Avoiding Failure

Typically, failure is something people avoid. It can be painful, career-limiting, and disheartening. But failure can also deliver significant advantages—and contrary to common belief, you may reach your goals (or resolutions for the new year) more effectively when you find ways t...

Failure is part of success; and if you never fail, you are likely not trying hard enough or you may be deceiving yourself.

To fail means you have reached for a new goal, and you can hone your approach for your next shot at it. To fail means you’ve had the opportunity t...

It’s useful to embrace failure because you’ll stay motivated and increase your chances of reaching your aspirations—but your goal should still be to succeed.

There’s a subtle but important difference in how you think about what you’re pursuing. Particularly in a compet...

  • Let go of a sense of fear. Validate that your failure means you’re trying for something that matters to you.
  • Focus on learning. If you never fail, you don’t have the opportunity to learn as deeply because you’ve succeeded, patted yourself on the back...

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