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How to start a movement | Derek Sivers

How to start a movement | Derek Sivers

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How to let a movement happen

How to let a movement happen

  • First, the leader needs to have the guts to stand out and be mocked.
  • A leader's first follower has a crucial role: he will show everyone else how to follow.
  • Next, the leader embraces the first follower as an equal. Now it's not about the leader anymore but about them.
  • They will call their friends, and each one that follows will add to the movement. New followers will emulate the followers, not the leader.
  • After a few more people join, you've got momentum. The more people join, the less risky it seems as they won't be ridiculed or stand out. They'll be part of the in-crowd.


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Lessons for the leaders of movements

  • Remember the importance of nurturing your first few followers as equals. It's about the movement, not about you.
  • The most important lesson is that followers transform a lone person into a leader. A leader is nothing without followers.
  • If you care about starting a movement, dare to follow and show others how to follow.


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