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9 tips to perfect your ‘working from home’ morning routine

9 tips to perfect your ‘working from home’ morning routine



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Wake up at the same time

When you work from home, it can be tempting to stay in bed until the very last minute possible. While it’s OK to treat yourself and do this on the odd occasion, wake up at the same time every day.

You don’t have to wake up ridiculously early, just set your alarm for whatever time is...

You need to set boundaries between your life and your work.

  • Avoid logging on as soon as you wake up — unless it’s urgent, your inbox and messages can wait until you’re ready to start working.
  • If you can, try not to waste too much time mindlessly scrolling on so...


Go for a walk, do some light yoga, go to the gym, or sign up for an online class.

It’s really down to individual choice, but if you can, mix things up so that you don’t become easily bored or complacent.

Showering and getting dressed before you start working is key. You’ll feel more confident and focused.

It’s tempting to roll out of bed and sit at your desk, but before you know it, it’ll be noon and you’ll have to dash off to get ready for your video call. Don’t do this, save yourself ...

Have breakfast

Have your coffee, tea, or whatever but make sure you hydrate yourself both at breakfast and during the rest of your day.

Consider getting organized and preparing your breakfast the night before. Overnight oats are a deliciously healthy option.

It’s easy to st...

Set some time aside every morning to do some household chores. This will help you feel more productive before you start working and you’ll be less distracted by the possibility of tidying or cleaning while you’re sitting at your desk.

Be time-efficient ...

Listen to music or a podcast

Start your day with something that makes you happy. 

  • You could, for example, listen to music while you’re doing some housework.
  • Catch up with your favorite podcast and get yourself into the zone.

Enjoying some time to yourself before your work begin...

  • Go through your to-do list and set realistic goals for the day.
  • Think about what needs to happen for you to achieve your goals and set yourself a clear strategy.
  • Try and keep the list short, though, otherwise, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed. Try and stick to a maximum of five...

Limit your screentime and distractions

In order to meet those realistic goals you set for the day, make sure distractions like social media and push notifications don’t get a hold of you.

Don’t set a vague goal like “I will drastically cut my screen time.” Instead, focus on things like “I will watch one epis...

Limit the number of decisions you have to make in the morning.

Prepare as much as you can the night before: set out your clothes, think about what you want to have for breakfast, or lunch. Batch cook if you can.

The less time you spend on making trivial decis...

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The morning routine helps us set the tone for the day, better allowing us to control our schedules rather than our schedule controlling us. As we start each day fresh, we can better focus on what is in front of us, where to prioritize our time, and, ultimately, increase our productivity.



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