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Managing Up: The Do's And Don'ts And Why It's Important For Success

Managing Up: The Do's And Don'ts And Why It's Important For Success


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What Is Managing Up?

Managing up is all about making your manager’s life easier. 

Why would you want to make their life easier?! Your boss may make the final goal, but there are points for assists, plus the whole team wins when they score. In other words, if you help your boss, they lo...

The idea is that managing up is a win-win for you, your boss, your team, and your organization. Helping them will help you and your career.

  • Managing up is all about relationship-building with your boss, who, whether you like it or not, plays a significant role in your...

The truth about relationships is that however you feel about someone, they probably feel the same way about you. Or, at least they can guess how you feel about them.

Ask yourself this: If you don’t want to help your manager by managing up, then why should they want to ...

  • Get to know your manager: Learn more about the human behind your manager. Find out what they like, dislike, and value most.
  • Do an honest self-assessment: Consider how your colleagues and your manager view you.
  • Adapt: You ca...

  • Don’t manipulate the situation or others: Managing up is not about trying to manipulate every situation for your own personal benefit, no matter the cost.
  • Don’t keep doing what frustrates your manager.
  • Don’t add more to your manager’...

Remember that your manager is only human. They don’t have superpowers. Like you, your manager has strengths, weaknesses, good and bad personality traits, and personal goals.

They want to have a nice working relationship with everyone and help you (and them) succeed. 

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