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Because many do not know that skipping on moisturizer can cause dehydration, creating a vicious cycle of excess sebum production and sometimes acne.


The Surprising Benefits of Using Face Oil on Oily Skin

The Surprising Benefits of Using Face Oil on Oily Skin


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Using Oils On Oily Skin

If you're someone with oily skin , chances are you've been conditioned to avoid face oils or any type of oil at all costs. Oily skin is often prone to breakouts because of clogged pores due to excess sebum product...

Dehydrated Oily Skin Leads To A Cycle of Excess Sebum Production

Moisturizing oily skin can be tricky. People with oily skin often skip out on moisturizer and load up on mattifying products thinking that with its natural oils, their skin's already got all the juice it needs. However, skipping out on moisture may only be causing dehydration, creating a vicious ...

The Benefits of Face Oils

And that's where the benefits of face oils come in. "Oil is attracted to oil so it can balance the skin and work as a moisturizer," says Worden. However, it's emperative that you use the right kind of oil. "Light ones are the best, like jojoba, hemp, starflower, evening primrose, aloe vera, tea t...

Oils Can Moisturize and Prevent Breakouts

 "For oily skin, face oils may be sufficient to moisturize." She explains it's because face oils have emollient properties, which help soften and smooth the skin. - Hadley King, MD, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist, agrees. Aside from its moisturizing properties, some face oils...

Face Oils + Tried And Tested Acne Fighting Ingredients

And while there are benefits to using facial oil on oily skin, Dr. King emphasizes the importance of incorporating other acne-fighting ingredients that have been tried-and-tested into your routine for maximum benefits, like salicylic acid. "It's an excellent pore-clearing ingredient because it ex...

Moisturizer, Moisturizer, Moisturizer

Aside from using salicylic acid, washing your face twice daily, using exfoliating and clarifying masks weekly, and, of course, moisturizing. "Don't skip the moisturizer," she says. "If you apply nothing after washing your skin, you will produce more oil, and oily skin needs to be hydrated."

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Break out right before your period? Your skincare routine might not matching your hormonal changes might be to blame



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