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Break out right before your period? Your skincare routine might not matching your hormonal changes might be to blame


Syncing Your Skincare Routine to Your Period Could Help Your Hormonal Acne—Here's How

Syncing Your Skincare Routine to Your Period Could Help Your Hormonal Acne—Here's How


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Period Skincare A.k.a Cycle Syncing

- Syncing your skincare routine to your period.

- As your skin undergo a series of changes as your hormones flactuate throughout your (more or less) 28-day cycle, some adjustments should also be made in your skincare routine to accommodate this connection between your skin and these hormona...

Hormonal Patterns To Help You Tailor-fit Your Skincare  Routine

- These hormonal pattern will help you anticipate the changes happening in your body so you can adjust your regimen to match the phase you're on

- But first, track your menstrual cycle.It usually begins on Day 1 of your period and ends when the next period begins. Try using a period tracker...

Hormonal Pattern: 1.Menstruation (Day 1-6)

- When you're on your period

Goal: provide + retain hydration; reduce inflammation & cell turnover

- "...estrogen and progesterone levels are low, so your skin may appear dry, dull, and tired.I recommend upping the ante on your moisturizing routine—increasing hydration internally and ...

Hormonal Pattern: 2.Follicular Phase8 (Day6-12)

Goal: Nourishment,maintenance/treatments

- Right after your period, your skin is in a great place

- Estrogen levels start to rise which results to:

1. High collagen production giving the skin a plump, springy appearance. 

2. "Estrogen helps to promote the skin's moisture r...

Hormonal Pattern: 3.Ovulation (Day 12-16)

About 13 - 25 days before the start of your next period

The mid-cycle point; when your egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube

Estrogen and testosterone levels are at their peak. This signals a surge in luteinizing hormone lutropin which triggers ovulat...

To keep skin hydrated use a lightweight lotion

Prepare for the increase in oil production ahead (in the luteal phase) by deep-cleaning pores with a detoxifying mask and exfoliating with AHAs to keep pores free from buildup.

Testosterone levels can contribute to facial hair production,...

Luteal Phase (Pre-Menstruation: Day 17-28)

"As estrogen drops, the premenstrual phase usually leads to acne due to the rise in progesterone. When progesterone is high, it causes skin to swell, so one may experience inflammatory acne papules and pustules,"- Dr. Rossi.

An imbalance of testosterone will also increase oil production, w...

- eliminating excess oil without triggering your inflamed skin. How?

- Only use products that are non-comedogenic and ideally contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Cleanse frequently w/ a gentle foaming cleanser. Try niacinamide to balance oil production and reduce inflammation, alon...

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Maskne has been a problem since Covid started.



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I feel that this is one of the most effective, affordable and easy forms of at-home self care



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