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The 12 Most Intense Marketing Wars Ever

The 12 Most Intense Marketing Wars Ever
Marketers don't always play nice, especially when they're trying to take on one of their closest rivals. Often the most brutal battles come in the form of comparative advertising -- the direct comparison of one company's product to another. Once the line is drawn, it's up to the opposition to either fire back or ignore its competitor.


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Miller and Anheuser Busch

Both companies have always entertained consumers - from Miller's "President of Beers" and its mocking of the Bud Clydesdales and dalmatian to Bud's depiction of the Miller referees stealing beer.

Some of the ads went too far and were rejected by ESPN and ABC.





Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts

In 2007, Dunkin' ran ads that mocked the uppity coffee culture. Starbucks remained silent.

In 2008 Dunkin' declared its coffee superior to Starbucks. The campaign told coffee drinkers to avo...

Verizon and AT&T

Verizon ads compared the companies' superior 3G coverage to AT&T's with "There a Map for That." AT&T hit back with a series of TV spots attacking Verizon network's inability to browse the w...

Progresso and Campbell

In 2008, global industry leader Campbell increased its longstanding rivalry with Progresso with an ad campaign that showed that Progresso soups contained more MSG than Campbell's Select Harvest.