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Postpartum depression is a dangerous medical illness affecting mothers after their pregnancy. This article explains what it is, what to do, ways to prevent it, and it's symptoms.


Explained | What is postpartum depression

Explained | What is postpartum depression



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Postpartum depression is a dangerous medical illness involving feelings of extreme sadness, indifference and/or anxiety, as well as changes in energy, sleep and appetite. It carries risks for the mother and child.

During pregnancy and the period shortly after delivery, moth...

Over half of all new mothers experience 'baby blues', which involves crying for no reason, irritability, restlessness and anxiety. But baby blues are different than postpartum depression as they last only a week or two.

If these feelings go on for a longer period of time, i...

"There are safe medications which can help mothers without affecting the baby. The stigma around psychiatric medicine during pregnancy bars most women from seeking treatment. However, I can assure you that we now have safe medications that do not affect the pregnancy or lactating baby,"

There are some symptoms that can clearly indicate that a mother is suffering from depression.

According to Dr Chhabra, signs of postpartum depression that family and friends must look out for include crying more than usual, anxiety, decreased sleep, decreased appetite and feeling of...

New mothers who experience decreased sleep and hunger for several days along with negative thoughts and death wishes must consult a psychiatrist immediately, Dr Chhabra said.

"People must remember, doctors are good, medicines are good. They must not be afraid of the treatme...

"Good routine, better diet, no intake of intoxicants, good sleep schedule, yoga and meditation, and managing professional and personal stress can all help reduce the risk of postpartum depression," Dr Chhabra said.

According to Dr Shweta , expecting parents must visit psych...

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