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The 2022 update on Remote Work

DeepDive on The Remote Workspace Utopia

DeepDive on The Remote Workspace Utopia

Below the Line with James Beshara


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  • Remote work utopia is freedom over time
  • Empower employees to function in their personal best environment that remote work allows. Focusing on productivity as the priority, regardless of strategy.
  • Remote working cultures gain a lot of advantages from asynchronous working condi...

The Work From Home Design

  • Design your work-from-home space for comfort
  • Even though there is a looming unknown about what a hybrid working environment will look like, investing in a comfortable and productive WFH setup will be beneficial
  • Don’t manage your time, manage your energy
  • Constantly ree...

Problem Solving

Optimum problem-solving starts with ‘what is the current and desired state and what changes need to be met’ rather than starting with ‘why and how’

Good managers identify the problem, reevaluate expectations, and trust that they have a team of experts to solve the problem

“Never mix the conversation of strategy and the conversation of execution”

Remote Meetings

  • Don’t manage your time, manage your energy.  
  • If you dread or hate meetings, you’re not reevaluating the desired effects from your meetings
  • If your energy feels depleted after a meeting, it’s highly likely everyone else does too
  • Don’t let anyone else manage your time;...

Focus on ‘what is the current and desired state and what changes need to be met’ before any discussion of ‘why and how’

  • The meetings with your engineers should be very quick. Identify the problem, reevaluate expectations, and trust that they are the experts.
  • You’ll nev...

  • Good communication in remote environments don’t start with a question, they start with the question and potential options of a solution
  • People work when they want to work while still meeting all expectations
  • People got a taste of the flexibility to optimize their family time ...

Asynchronous Remote Work allows people to be working all across the world, all urgent things can be covered in appropriate standard work hours in the given location.

Recreating an office environment remotely is absurd.

Remote Work Dystopia

  • Lack of clarity in communication is leading to numerous issues; employees just want an answer of what the working model will be and evidence of pro/con for that model
  • Employees have the power to negotiate their position more than ever now. If employees don’t see the value of being in...

Update Meetings

Many managers value power construct over productivity

‘Update meetings’ are extremely unproductive and usually just waste time and fulfil the manager’s micromanagement itch.

Tools Of The Remote Workspace

  • Tools are overrated, contextual and thoughtful written content is more valuable than the tool
  • Many employees are experiencing Zoom fatigue
  • Having your video on on Zoom or Google Meet  is usually unnecessary, having it off can greatly reduce f...

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