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Discussing Money In A Job Interview

Discussing Money In A Job Interview

Interviewing for a new job can be exciting — every conversation is a chance to say exactly what you want in a new role or company, and to make the case for why you deserve it. But one thing that can trip up even the most enthusiastic candidate is figuring out how to discuss money in job interviews.

It’s natural to want to be paid fairly for your work. And yet discussing pay plainly with someone you hope to have a long working relationship with, not to mention with a hiring manager who has way more inside information than you, can feel unnerving.


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When To Bring Salary Discussion

When To Bring Salary Discussion

Experts say you should go into every first interview with your salary expectations in mind. You ca check industry salary reports, use online databases and tap your network to figure out where you stand in the market.

As for timing, there are a few different schools of thought as to when to bring up salary in a job interview.

More companies are beginning to state their pay upfront, in which case you might discuss salary in first or second rounds. If you’re confident in what you want your salary to be, you might bring it up on the early side to make the most of your time.


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What To Do If The HR Asks For Salary Expectations

Avoid stating your salary expectations first. State a number too low and you could shortchange yourself in the future. State one too high and HR might move on to another candidate expecting lower pay.

Instead, you can respond to the question by kicking it back to HR.

Be kind and curious: “I appreciate that compensation is an important aspect to the job, and it has to work for the both of us. Given you’re the hiring manager in this role, and the expert on what the company can offer, I’d like to hear what you have in mind for the salary range of this position.”


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What To Say If Pushed For A Salary Range

What To Say If Pushed For A Salary Range

Be clear about your absolute minimum and put that number at the bottom of your range. Your target number should be on the lower end of your range, too. Identify a high enough ceiling to give yourself room to negotiate upward later on.

How wide should your range be? That’ll depend on how much you want the job, how much the pay matters to you and how much leverage you have at that point in the hiring process.


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