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Why workers and employers are ghosting each other

Why workers and employers are ghosting each other

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Stuck In A Ghosting Spiral

Stuck In A Ghosting Spiral

  • Rather than sending a withdrawal or rejection email, workers and employers are simply cutting off contact during the hiring process.
  • Ghosting is considered a bad practice for both companies and workers; no one likes being on the receiving end of it.
  • Yet its rise seems inexorable: digital hiring processes deluge companies with candidates, making replying to everyone hard.


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The Findings

The Findings

One recent study of 1,500 global workers found that 75% of jobseekers have been ghosted by a company after a job interview. Employers openly acknowledge that they do it; only 27% of US employers surveyed by job listings site Indeed said they hadn’t ghosted a candidate in the past year.


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Digital Hiring And The Spike In Applications

Digital Hiring And The Spike In Applications

  • The rise in ghosting is coming from both workers and employers.
  • Much of the ghosting we’re seeing today may simply be the fact that someone just can’t get back to everyone.
  • The loss of in-person interviews may also be a factor in ghosting by both parties.
  • Job-search algorithms place the open positions right in front of workers, making impulse applications easier, resulting in a spike for recruiters.


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The Consequences Of Increased Digital Hiring

The Consequences Of Increased Digital Hiring

  • An explosion of candidates due to new digital recruiting may mean applicants find themselves waiting for emails that never come.
  • Market conditions may well mean that not replying to every lead or candidate is becoming more normalised.
  • But ghosting comes with downsides to both employers and candidates: it leaves a bad impression - likely ending a professional relationship before it's even begun.


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