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The Best Advice Out There on Hand Gestures

The Best Advice Out There on Hand Gestures


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Hand gestures when you present

Non-verbal gestures are classified as emblems and illustrators.

  • Emblems are gestures that stand in for words, such as a "thumbs up" gesture and the "shhh" gesture. We can quickly know what they mean without much context.
  • Illustrators are gestur...

Speak with your palms up

Palms are deeply connected to our brains and perceptions of others. When presenters want to gain the attention and trust of their audience, they speak with their palms facing up.

Palms up or open body posture communicates that the speaker is trustworthy and vulnerable.

Gestures are strongly connected to our thought process. When a speaker uses gestures, it benefits the audience and the speaker.

Illustrators help the speaker past some awkwardness in speech or thought. It assists in the flow of his ideas while reducing filler words like "uh".

The audience loves gestures

The most popular TED talk presenters use more gestures. For example, less popular talks have about 272 hand gestures, while the most popular talks have around 465 hand gestures.

When charismatic leaders use hand gestures, the brain gets two explanations in one, and the brain loves that beca...

When you present, keep your gestures natural. When your gestures are contrived, they won't sit well with the audience.

Use gestures that you would use in everyday conversation. However, use them with more intention and try and do them in the strike zone (the area between your shoulders and ...

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