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All about the viral word game.


Can't Stop Playing Wordle? Science Might Be Able to Explain Why

Can't Stop Playing Wordle? Science Might Be Able to Explain Why


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Wordle: The Game Everyone Is Playing

Wordle, the online game — a puzzle that tasks players with working out a mystery word — has quickly become a viral sensation, with around 300,000 players at the start of 2022. By...

The Concept Of Wordle

The game’s concept is simple enough: Once a day, players are given six chances to guess the correct five-letter mystery word. (If you guess a letter correctly, one of the tiles in the game’s grid turns yellow; if you guess the right letter in the right place, it turns green.)

The s...

The A-Ha Moment

As we get closer and closer to the answer with each new guess, we get a little bit more confident that we’re on the right track.

Our brains are probably computing the likelihood that the next guess is right. Then, when those five green letters are revealed at the end of the puzzle — even if...

Only One Word A Day: Creating Scarcity

Another of Wordle’s uniquely compelling aspects is that a new puzzle is only offered once a day. That helps keep the experience fresh and novel and allow players to really relish the experience.

Because you know that there’s only one [puzzle a day], maybe there’s some scarcity involved.

Those grey, green and yellow boxes populating your social media feed aren’t just visual clutter — they’re a testament to the game’s built-in shareability. Since everyone is trying to guess the same answer, Wordle has quickly become a virtual water cooler, allowing players to share scores with col...

Sharing Reality

There’s another reason that sharing our Wordle grids with others — and seeing them shared back — feels so good.

It’s a striking example of what psychologists call the shared reality theory, or our need to align our own internal, s...

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Made me play the game! It's online on the web and free to play!



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Like the rest of the world, I have been playing wordle for a few days, it has been growing on me. It made me curious as to why it's such a hit. Turns out it's a combination of multiple things.



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