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What Life Lessons we could learn from this simple Wordle Game? Read on the excerpts from my article on Medium.


Six Life Lessons I Learnt Playing Wordle Game

Six Life Lessons I Learnt Playing Wordle Game


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Six Life Lessons I Learnt Playing Wordle Game

Whether the game was inspired by life or our lives are inspired by the game, we can learn from everything!

If you have not already tried this Wordle Game, play it here:

Brief on Wordle Game

Wordle, a once-a-day “guess the word” game, has been one of the recent viral sensations on the internet. Josh Wardle, a Software Engineer, designed this game during the lockdown in October 2021 intended for him and his partner to play online, as a daily routine. By early Feb 2022, New Yo...

You have to guess a five-letter word in six chances every day. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to indicate the closeness of your guess. A correct letter in the correct spot will have a green tile. A correct letter in the wrong spot, will have a golden yellow tile. A wrong let...

Similar to Wordle, we have to live life within its simple framework, applying our common sense!

The evolution of our brains and the development of our civilization has given way to what we refer to as “common sense” that we have to live by....

Just like how the Wordle challenge is available only one game a day, we can only live life one day at a time!

Whether we win or lose, we just have to keep coming back daily and keep Playing the Game of Life, with the new knowledge and awareness that we have gathered to date.


Though it might seem we have unlimited choices in front of us every day, we have to make deliberate and intentional choices that can lead us towards our goals and pursuits.

We all have things to accomplish in our lives — be it following our daily routines, taking ...

As we progress in making those choices and taking those actions, we are constantly receiving feedback, whether we notice it or not. Some of them might be short-term, and some may be long-term feedback. We constantly get feedback both from internal and external sources.

Be alert and ...

The game accepts only dictionary-defined meaningful words. There is no such single dictionary for finding such meaning in life. The meaning of life has internal and external dimensions.

The purpose and meaning of our life is to have a sense of internal satisfaction and a sense of ex...

What we share, with whom we share, how much we share, and how often we share, can vary from individual to individual and situation to situation. Some social settings might compel us to share — to brag, to feel high, to put someone down, to show superiority, to get some support, to evoke sympathy,...

So go ahead and Live Life One Wordle a Day! Put the pieces of your life puzzle together, one day at a time. Play On, Live On. No matter you win or lose, keep playing. We often feel we play to win and get dejected if we lose. We need to learn that we play for the sake of learning how to play the i...

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Made me play the game! It's online on the web and free to play!



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Like the rest of the world, I have been playing wordle for a few days, it has been growing on me. It made me curious as to why it's such a hit. Turns out it's a combination of multiple things.



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