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9 Self-Help Podcasts That Will Actually Improve Your Life

9 Self-Help Podcasts That Will Actually Improve Your Life



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Finding A Needle In The Haystack

What advice will resonate varies wildly from person to person. Podcasts like the Tim Ferriss copycat shows, are already widely recommended. In the oversaturated genre of self-help podcasting, it can be hard to find shows that provide space for sharing opinions, rather than establishing a single ...

The Happiness Lab

Dr Laurie Santos, the host of The Happiness Lab, is a Professor of Psychology at Yale. Although many of her episodes focus on improving the mental health of college students, her discussions on stress are applicable to anyone participating in the rat rac...

Life Kit

With a no-frills formula focused only on tried and true advice, NPR’s Life Kit series is essential self-help listening. The show’s topics are diverse, ranging from how to talk to kids about our turbulent news cycle, to how to find yourself a mentor or get...

The Rich Roll Podcast

The pace and consistency at which Rich Roll releases his podcasts, many of which are over two hours long, could be viewed as a reflection of his dedication to long-distance running. At 53, Roll is a plant-based ultramarathon runner whose po...

Under the Skin with Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s development from promiscuous addict to spiritual guru is too bizarre to believe.

His personal evolution was documented quite publicly, and it is perhaps because of this exposure that thousands have followed him into this new realm of “consciousness.” His experiences inform ...

H.E.R Space

Hosted by Dr. Dominique Broussard and Terri Lomax, H.E.R Space intends to give women of colour a resource to inspire them through conversation. An acronym for Healing, Empowerment, and Resilience, H.E.R addresses universal issues, such as one’s life purp...

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail explores self-improvement through her interviewees’ worst moments, asking us to find lessons in our challenges. Her attempts to humanize the rich and successful work for the most part, although many of her guests overlook th...

Feel Better, Live More with Dr. Chatterjee

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee broke into the mainstream following the success of his bestselling books on stress and nutrition. What makes him effective as a podcaster is not merely his eloquence, but also his softer approach to interviewing. ...

Routines & Ruts

If you’re the sort of person who looks for life inspiration by scrolling through Instagram, then Routines & Ruts will speak to you on an aesthetic level. But don’t let its cutesy imagery fool you; there is much concrete value in this new sel...

Help Me Be Me

After listening to too many self-improvement podcasts, you may find yourself disillusioned by the advice — because, let’s be real, not all of us feel will better after taking a cold shower. Help Me Be Me, a self-help podcast that doesn’t make unre...

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