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What Are Brand Assets? 6 Examples to Inspire You

What Are Brand Assets? 6 Examples to Inspire You

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Brand Assets

Brand Assets

Brand assets can include the following elements:

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Packaging
  • Slogans or taglines
  • Songs or sounds
  • Brand guidelines
  • Mascots
  • Typography
  • Design elements
  • Voice and tone
  • Videos

Well-designed brand assets can help you deliver a consistent, unified experience and bring your business to the top of customers' minds. But it should never be mistaken for a competitor's brand. You want every element to reflect your company so it's immediately recognizable.


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Top Three Brand Assets

  • Logo: Research shows that people retain information better when it's paired with a relevant image, and a logo is the thing that helps customers recognize your brand and begin to build an emotional connection.
  • Color palette: Up to 90% of an initial impression is based on color alone. Considering that people form an opinion about people or products within the first 90 seconds, it's easy to see why a color palette is a top brand asset.
  • Tagline: "Can you hear me now? Good." "Just do it," and "What's in your wallet?" are all famous taglines. A


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