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How do I stay focused? | Overcome distractions

How do I stay focused? | Overcome distractions


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How do I stay focused? | Overcome distractions

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How to avoid distractions and stay focused

Approx 80-90% of the world's population lacks focus and faces distractions in life. 

Even 90% of the population still extend their working deadlines due to laziness or due to being bored. 

This is the common scenario that we all have in our life. We all lack focus, we get distracted easily and that's our biggest problem.

Being a person who is working for goals needs to avoid getting distracted because this is something that harms you the most. 


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The first step to avoid distractions in life is to set a full plan of your work. 

Planning is necessary while you work for your goals and becomes important when you get distracted easily.

Set a plan, create a to-do list for the work that you are planning to do ahead, make your plan and follow it on a regular basis. 

Set a plan that contains prior work first and the rest of work later. Having a plan can have many benefits. 


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It is said that If you want to rule this world then first conquer yourself and there are many ways you can do that.

But one of my favourites is meditation . Meditation is an ancient practice that can benefit you a lot. 

It not only helps in avoiding distractions but also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. 


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In order to achieve your desired goals you have to be hard on yourself, you have to build a strong mindset and high strength character. 

Leave all your distractions and just focus on one single goal, raise all your power only in one direction. 

There's a beautiful line in ramayana that states once you set up goals in life then all your focus must be on that single thing, nothing more than that. 

Don't be that typical guy who wants to become a millionaire but has so many relationships busy with smartphones and continuously wasting time.


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It's easier to break a stone than to break a whole mountain, so if you're dreaming of something big then start with some small steps.

Don't think that these small steps are a waste of time, no they are the staircase of your success. 

Success doesn't come in a single day but it comes with the efforts that you have done. 


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Time is said to be the most precious thing that a human can ever have in his life. 

Yes it's even true because once if time is gone then it never comes back and we all know that till now we have wasted thousands of minutes. 

One of the major cons distractions is it wastes your time once you get distracted you can't come out from it.

For example Instagram once you get stuck in the reels section then you scroll it continuously without knowing that you are wasting your time .


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Life is all about the competition that we have not from the outsiders but from the inside soul.

Don't compete with others, compete with yourself, fight with yourself for the good and benefits of your life. 

Everyday must be a war between you and your inner soul just do and die. 

Compete with yourself, avoid everything that distracts you, increase your working hours, don't listen to your brain, don't relax, just work.


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It's all about how we react to certain situations, distractions are nothing. 

But something that's harmful for our career if not stopped at the right time.

We can't do that in a single day but with some simple steps and regular improvements you can soon do that too.

Believe in process.


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